September 2016 Opportunity Knocks Download Report
March 2016  Road Less Traveled
Community Engagement and Opinion Research Report
Response to the Geography of Jobs Report
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PolicyBridge 10th Anniversary Compilation Report Download Report
September 2014 School Daze: In The Spotlight
October 2013   Easing the Pain
Communities Must Act to Heal Wounds of African-American
Boys and Young Men
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June 2012   The Fusion of Inclusion
Technology Sector Is Critical to Fueling Northeast Ohio’s Competitive Drive
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The Fusion of Inclusion – Supplemental Report Download Report
November 2011   The True Wealth of Health
A region is Only As Healthy As Its Residence
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December 2010  Immigration  
Path to Prosperity or Calamity
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May 2010   Building A Better Bridge
Expanding Social Capital is Central to Northeast Ohio’s Path Forward
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October 2009   Rebuilding Blocks
Efforts to Revive Cleveland Must Start by Treating
What Ails Neighborhoods
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January 2009   Hope for Urban America Download Report
July 2008    The Job Prescription
Examining Pervasive Joblessness Among African-American Men
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May 2007   The Rap on Culture
How Anti-Education Messages in Media, at Home & on the
Street Hold Back Youth
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December 2005   Untapped Potential African-American Males
In Northeast Ohio
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