Economic Development

Policy Bridge _ Economic Development_ Focus Area_pgEconomic Development in its purest form is a combination of labor, raw materials and time that produces goods or services of value for barter or for money. As cities and regions today pursue economic growth and development, many of the fundamental aspects of how goods and services are created and exchanged are changing as a result of advances in technology and the impact of globalization on basic economic forces. These cities and regions must replace older modes of pursuing economic development and growth with new innovative models, which can be a painful but necessary process.

The Greater Cleveland area is in the midst of dealing with exactly these same challenges, as our leaders search for ways to respond to the great challenge of the 21st Century, which is understanding and taking advantage of the New Economy. The dire conditions in the City of Cleveland presents unique challenges that have to be addressed by providing long-term solutions to long-standing problems. Regional leaders must collaborate with core cities such as Cleveland, Akron and Lorain to foster overall economic development and growth that meets the needs of the entire region.

As surely as there are problems, there are opportunities to solve those problems. PolicyBridge is focused on providing policy recommendations that lead to positive change in the economic status and quality of life for all, with an emphasis on minority groups whom have consistently lagged behind