Social Justice

Equity and InclusionAn emerging area of public policy interest for PolicyBridge is Social Justice. Social Justice is the equitable distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in a society irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, race, religion and possessions. Social justice assigns rights and duties to the institutions of society which enables people to receive the basic benefits derived from being a member of the society. The relevant institutions can include education, health care, social security, labor rights, criminal justice, and environmental justice in addition to a broader system of public services, progressive taxation and regulation of markets to ensure the fair distribution of wealth, equal opportunity and equality of outcomes.

Over the last 10 years, PolicyBridge has recognized the intersection of economic development, urban education, health and wellness, urban community development and revitalization and workforce development public policy issues and social justice issues. As we move forward, social justice will become a prism for our research, analysis and advocacy activities.