Workforce Development

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Workforce Development is a sub-component of Economic Development which entails training individuals for work in the 21st Century. Currently, Workforce Development efforts at the federal, state and local level are influenced to a great extent by federal policies and the trickle-down effect of federal and state regulations and local bureaucratic oversight. Private companies offer various forms of incumbent worker training and development. Community Colleges and other institutions of higher education also offer a wide array of training and education options, ranging from short-term training to doctoral degrees in various disciplines.

As a basic element of Economic Development, it is essential that Workforce Development efforts in regions and cities be focused on giving individuals the tools they need to become a viable resource in the New Economy. Training and education curriculum should project into the future the types of jobs that are needed to grow the Greater Cleveland regional economy. Workforce Development programs also have an obligation to reach those in most need of assistance and offer them training and education that is consistent with the changing demands of the local economy. This focused approach will help to ensure that all residents in the region are afforded similar opportunities to work and prosper.

PolicyBridge will track and respond to workforce development policy and offer recommendations for change in strategy and service delivery.