PolicyBridge is a nonpartisan, African American led public policy think tank, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  The organization was founded in 2004 and received its 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status in early 2005.  The original intent of the organization was to conduct research and shed light on public policy issues affecting African-Americans by writing research reports and policy briefs and coordinating community forums. Since 2005, PolicyBridge has broadened its research boundaries to include other minority communities and underserved populations.

The founders and Board of Directors of PolicyBridge decided at the birth of the organization that its research reports and research briefs would analyze data and provide public policy recommendations from an economic impact perspective. The Board of Directors acknowledges that many of the public policy issues that are relevant to the minority community are steeped in a social justice context. But PolicyBridge uses economic impact data, analysis, and arguments to broaden the appeal of its research reports and research briefs. 

All communities in the United States are sustainable economic, social and physical development, environments where all people, especially African Americans and other underserved populations, are actively engaged in building communities that benefit and inspire everyone. 

PolicyBridge is a research and advocacy think tank that prompts and sustains high quality discourse about public policy issues affecting African-Americans and other underserved communities which enlightens fellow citizens and catalyzes action.