Focus Areas

PolicyBridge has identified five public policy content areas for the focus of their policy analysis, research reports, research briefs and policy forums. The content areas are:

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Economic Development

PolicyBridge is focused on providing policy recommendations that lead to positive change in the economic status and quality of life for all, with an emphasis on African Americans and other under served communities that have consistently lagged behind.

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Workforce Development

PolicyBridge continues to track and respond to workforce development policies and offer recommendations for changes in strategies and service delivery.

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Urban Development

PolicyBridge studies the affects of urban revitalization, community development, environmental conditions, transportation and land use in Northeast Ohio.

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Health and Wellness

PolicyBridge jointly participates in studies regarding Healthy Eating and Active Living for all Northeast Ohio residents focusing on issues ranging from the urban agriculture to the quality and number of programs that promote wellness and prevention of illness.

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Education is a major factor in the growth and development of the State and the Greater Cleveland Region. PolicyBridge is attempting to influence those decision makers in the education policy arena with research, analysis and recommendations that offer solutions in this challenging area.